WeKanDo History

Richard Huntley’s great grandfather, the patriarch Homer P Huntley, built a plastering company in the 1930s.

The Huntleys

Homer Huntley passed on the legacy to his two sons, J. Dale Huntley and Orville Huntley, who together developed a large lath & plaster business in East St. Louis, Illinois.

In the late 1950s, J. Dale Huntley came to Puerto Rico to bid on a project. He noticed that everything on the island was done in block concrete and cement plaster. He saw an opportunity. J. Dale introduced the hawk and trowel, the plaster pump and special cement plastering mixes to Puerto Rico and made the island his home.

Eventually, J. Dale’s son, Harold “Renny” Huntley, partnered with his father, J. Dale. In 1978, when J. Dale passed away, Renny continued the business. He expanded the original lath & plaster service to include fireproofing, acoustical ceilings, drywall finishing, insulation, interior and exterior stucco. Renny also introduced Exterior Insulation Finishing Systems (EIFS) to Puerto Rico.

Richard Huntley, Renny’s son, grew up in the business. Having worked as an apprentice to his father, Richard launched his own company, WeKanDo Construction, in 2004. Richard drew from the Huntley family tradition of quality workmanship and service.

WeKanDo Construction gained momentum and grew in profitability. Initially, the company concentrated on finishing packages for high-quality commercial facility upgrades and remodels.

In 2009, Richard formed a second company, WeKanDo Construction Group, Inc. WeKanDo Construction Group served the commercial, industrial, institutional and pharmaceutical industries. It specialized in architectural finishes and acted as a general contractor. As founder, Richard Huntley, and his partners, the Muns family, market over 40 years of construction industry experience.

The Muns

The Muns family founder was Claudio J. Muns Blasco, who came to Puerto Rico from Cuba in 1961. Claudio had worked in construction since 1947 and specialized in interiors.

In 1964 Claudio’s son, Ricardo F. Muns, started working with his company. Ricardo grew in his knowledge of suspended ceilings, drywall, demountable partitions, architectural millwork and flooring systems.

Ricardo joined the business in 1971, the year the Muns began working with the Huntley’s on interior finishing systems projects.

WeKanDo Today

Today, the Huntleys and the Muns continue the legacy started by their forefathers. They offer experience, talent and the most exceptional service available in construction in Puerto Rico.

In 2014, WeKanDo Construction and WeKanDo Construction Group were merged into one company, which took the name WeKanDo Construction.

WeKanDo Construction uses only quality products that increase in value over the life of a structure and only those products required for a specific application. Its reputation and performance record are built on a thorough knowledge of building systems, materials, equipment and craftsmanship.